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Do I need a LifePlan?

A quick guide to finding the answer

Is A LifePlan for You?

The LifePlan process is ideal for anyone who is feeling stuck, unfocused, or overwhelmed by how to use their talents in life.  The process is also useful for people who are not necessarily lost, but desire to better leverage their current abilities for maximum contribution in specific areas of  their life.

The LifePlan process is not therapy, nor prescriptive in its approach. The facilitator guides the process and you provide the content throughout the process. Together, with God’s help we create a personalized LifePlan organized around the five domains of your life.

If you are still wondering if a LifePlan is for you, the brief survey below may help.


Take a moment and consider each of the following 15 statements. If you feel that the statement reflects your current reality, mark ‘yes’. If the statement is not true, mark ‘no’.

1 | I’m clear on my life mission and living it. *

2 | My pace of life is controlled and sustainable. *

3 | My life is balanced. *

4 | I am daily making my life contribution. *

5 | I enjoy my job and feel challenged by it. *

6 | I live with fewer have to’s than want to’s. *

7 | I feel like I am making a difference.. *

8 | I am generally happy with my life. *

9 | I understand how I'm wired and work from that place. *

10 | I understand that there is far more to life than work. *

11 When I think about my future I feel hopeful. *

12 | I enjoy the spontaneity of life. *

13 | I am living out my core values. *

14 | I have a clear vision for my future. *

15 | I have much to look forward to. *

If you answered 'NO' on two or more questions, you would most likely benefit from a LifePlan. You are now able to submit your results and we will contact you to take the next step in your LifePlan. You may also take the assessment without submitting the results, and contact us using our contact page.

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