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Hi, I’m Jim Newberry

Something happened to me in 2008.  Up to that point I’d had a fulfilling 20-year career of providing leadership, discernment and direction to individuals and groups.  Even with success and affirmation of others, I knew there was something missing in my life but I could not discern what it was.

Through a series of events and conversations with friends, I discovered the LifePlan experience, which radically changed my life. My LifePlan connected the dots between each of the domains of my life. While previously disconnected compartments, my life domains now relate and support one another.  My LifePlan helped me find focus and clarity and establish practices to fulfill the desired objectives for each of my life domains:

  • Vocation: Led me to a change of career.  As a result, my work is more fulfilling and helps me to be the person I want to be both inside and outside of my work.
  • Family:  I am more present and active with my family.  I traded guilt and exhaustion for intentionality, energy and joy.
  • Faith:  My faith has become a central to my whole life while new practices and service provide me a sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Self:  I am more self-aware and intentional which has led to more personal fulfillment and productivity.
  • Community: I am more engaged in my community and rather than it feeling like a burden, community engagement has become a part of who I am.

Based on my personal LifePlan, my LifePlan facilitator encouraged me to consider becoming a Certified Facilitator.  Becoming a Certified LifePlan Facilitator has helped me discover my unique contribution in life while providing a tremendous sense of fulfillment and joy.


Jim completed his Undergraduate Degree (B.A) from Boyce College and his Graduate Degree (M.A.) from Huntington University.  Jim is a life-long student and practitioner in the area of leadership and life development. He has 35 years of full-time experience providing leadership, discernment and direction to individuals and groups across multiple sectors in the non-profit, for-profit, para-church and church worlds.

In addition to facilitating LifePlans, Jim also provides leadership at Youthfront, a non-profit organization that serves the youth of Kansas City.  Jim is married to Tina and they reside in Overland Park, KS.  They cherish three adult daughters, and two granddaughters.


Jim Newberry

Advanced Certified LifePlan Facilitator



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